Frequently Asked

How much do you charge for makeup?

This depends on what/where/when but my bridal makeup prices start from £250 on the day. Send an email to to get a bespoke quote.

Do you post make up tutorials anywhere I can check out?

Yup, I have a facebook page where you can see all my makeup videos!

Do you give makeup lessons?

Yes! There are lots of different options here from lessons at home to group bookings at Blush + Blow. Just send my team an email and someone will be able to get you sorted out with a group booking or a one-to-one lesson.

Talk to me about spray tans?

I am a massive fan of a spray tan. I have been doing them for my clients for 6 years now and pride myself on being able to give you a flawless finish. I use Sienna-X, the best brand our there for a streak free, brown (rather than orange), natural glow. It comes in various depths of colour as well as an express version.

What is Blush + Blow?

Blush + Blow is a blow dry and beauty bar. I am the founder and am there a few times a week. The incredible team that fill the place with energy and fun vibes are on hand Monday – Saturday to take care of all your beauty, hair and skincare needs! You can learn more about it here.

What kind of timings do you suggest for wedding hair and makeup?

I usually like to allow 60 minutes for the brides makeup, and 45 minutes for each bridesmaid.

Will you travel for work?

Yes absolutely, I am always travelling around the country and the world for different makeup jobs, especially destination weddings.

Where are you based?

I live and work in London but grew up in South Africa where I visit a few times a year

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